Getting plumper lips: If Miley Cyrus didn’t use injections how did she get that full-lip look? And how can you get it to?


Miley Cyrus Photo by JJ Duncan Miley Cyrus earlier this year with thinner looking lips, Photo by JJ Duncan

Miley Cyrus didn’t ever seem the kind of girl to have injections to plump up her lips and many fans have come out now saying she doesn’t need any artificial enhancements to her look but still rumours are abound that Miley Cyrus has indeed had lip injections to give her the bigger and plumper lips we’ve seen in some recent photos.


Miley has herself though now denied having any injections, some people don’t believe her but injections aren’t the only way to get thicker, fuller and more kissable lips: good news if you’re a Miley Cyrus fan and good news if you feel your lips are a little thin too.


So lets look at what other ways there are available that Miley may have used and you could too.


First of all of course there are lipsticks, lip gloss and lip crayons, these may not massively enhance your lips but can make them more noticeable and give them the appearance of a little more volume.


If you can master a slight natural looking pout then you can use this along with a good lipstick and gloss to get that lip plumping effect just right: is this what Miley did though? The main picture that led to this speculation doesn’t seem to show any lipstick or lip gloss in use but her expression suggests a slight pout, especially on her bottom lip but this may not be the whole story.


There are a great number of lip enhancing products on the market today which include plumpers and lip conditioners.


The plumping products available mainly work by hydrating your lips so they hold more moisture and so end up larger, to do this many include collagen that slowly builds up; other lip pluming treatments increase blood flow and make blood vessels increase in size.


These lip plumping products don’t have the same effect as injections but look a lot more natural: they do also take a lot longer to work though. Having said this Miley hasn’t been in the media spotlight very much of late and a lot of the pictures people have been comparing her current lips too are shots from the spring of this year and autumn of last year: plenty of time for these products to work based on some of the lip plumper reviews we have read.


As for Lip Conditioners these work better for those with lips that have been full but have been drawn in a little with old age, lip lines and narrow lips are a sign of aging but anti-aging lip treatments can be effective by filling out the lips’ skin that is there. This is unlikely to have worked for Miley though and she has naturally quite narrow lips.


So our conclusion? Well it certainly seems that you can get fuller plumper lips without surgery or injections and there’s no reason to think that Miley Cyrus has had injections if she says she hasn’t, in fact her lips look a lot more natural than the lips many who do use injections end-up with when things go wrong.

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