Camouflage Cream


We have started to stock camouflage cream after seeing the effects that skin abnormalities can have on a person’s confidence and life style.

There are many skin conditions and disorders that are visible leaving a person with a marking or discolouration.

The skin may be scarred due to an injury, accident or following surgery.  This I know from experience of having crashed my motor bike into a car, and looking at my face in the mirror for the first and being so shocked at all the scars.  I still have the scars but they have almost vanished now.

To give people a life style that avoids the need for further surgery skin camouflage may be used to conceal and mask a disfigurement.

The best results come from advice given by a professional practitioner.  Using their expertise to match the skin tone.

You can find our Keromask products under Keromask.


 Camouflage Cream.

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