The use of cosmetics to make you look beautiful has been around for a long time.  It was mentioned in the Old Testament (Ezekiel 23:40).  The ancient Greeks and Romans used foundation to give themselves a pale complexion.

Throughout the ages make up found favour with some and not with others.  Queen Victoria disliked make up classing it only suitable for prostitutes and loose women.

Women throughout the ages have worn some very dangerous combinations many died from wearing lead based make up.

The modern foundation can be traced to Carl Baudin the inventor of greasepaint who used foundation to hide the joint between the wig and forehead so developed a flesh coloured paste of zinc, ochre and lard.  It was so popular that it was produced commercially thus the start of theatrical make up.

In 1914 Max Factor created flexible Greasepaint that was reflective under the lights on film sets.

Max Factor produced the first commercially available foundation called Pan-Cake, using talcum powder rather than oil or wax.  It gave the wearer coverage to remove the need for foundation underneath giving a light weight natural looking skin.

We shall continue this later in another blog.

 History of Cosmetics.

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