A New York Chemist T. L. Williams created the Maybelline company.  Williams younger sister Maybel created a mixture of Vaseline and coal Dust to her eye lashes to make her self more appealing.   Williams produced the product in his laboratory and called it Lash Brow Lne. It was a best seller locally.  But the name held back the product so like all good industrialists Williams used his sister’s name and the last four letters of Vaseline to come up with Maybelline.  Under this name was born the legendary company Maybelline.

In 1917 Maybelline produced Maybelline Cake Mascara the first eye cosmetic for every day use.

In 1967 the company was sold by T. L. Williams to Plough Inc (now Schering-Plough).  Plough Inc moved the entire production facility to Memphis over the weekend.  In 1975 the company moved again this time to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Maybelline was sold by Schering-Plough to Wasserstein a New York Investment firm.  The make up factory is now in Brooklyn New York.

Maybelline was acquired by L’Oreal 1996 giving L’Oreal access to the mass markets of cosmetics.

 History of Cosmetics.

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