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The Iredale foundation was established back in 1994 by Jane Iredale to develop ergonomic beauty and makeup products, an area which it has thrived in. Over the past decade Jane Iredale beauty products have gained popularity among the public. The makeup line basically consists of products formed by combining micronized mineral with pigments. What makes them different is that they do not contain alcohol, talc, oil, dye, perfume or chemical additives that are characteristic of other makeup products. The omission of such elements makes it natural as well as pure which is suitable for all skin types. There are many products in the Jane Iredale makeup line both facials and cosmetic applications. The ability to use different natural minerals also expands the possibilities available for various skin tones and complexions. With the Iredale makeup products, you can keep calm and powder on as comfort, health and beauty are the results you should be expecting.

Iredale Mineral Makeup
This foundation was chiefly established to develop the makeup products. Their main objective was split to focus on two major areas. The first was to produce products that were beneficial and safe to the skin of users while the other was those that could achieve a HDTV friendly result. The products are highly preferred for shooting sessions as they result in a smooth, more natural complexion suitable for acting, theatres and performances. They also do no have any negative effect on the face or skin of users. Jane Iredale makeup is currently considered among the world’s premier product lines in beauty and cosmetics. Jane had extensive background knowledge in artistry and film makeup which she used during the development phases of her product line.

Characteristics of the makeup
There are various characteristics of the Jane Iredale makeup products which distinguish them from others. They do not contain oil, alcohol or chemical additives. This product is mainly based on minerals and their properties. The mineral base technology is very efficient since it serves various purposes in one application. Usually with other makeup, you would need different products for foundation, powder and sunscreen. With this one however, all the three including concealing is achieved in one single application which makes it efficient in eliminating fading, smearing and creasing. You can simply keep calm and powder on without worrying about the makeup fading off in the course of the day. The minerals are very concentrated and do not form bumps or any distractions. The bases used enable your makeup to adhere on the skin until a cleanser is used to remove it. Another significant distinct feature of the Jane Iredale makeup lines is packaging which has received tremendous attention. The thematic golden touch complemented by a light black accent completes the sophistication. They thrive at ensuring elegance in mineral makeup as well as provision of healthy applications. In addition to the makeup, you will also find facial products including lips and lashes, sponges and brushes. The mineral composition is specifically chosen to discourage any bacterial activity and the makeup is water resistant.

Examples of best products in the line
There certainly exist various products in the Jane Iredale makeup line. These products are non-comedogenic and anti-inflammatory. They also include a wide dimension of products that are hypoallergenic and offer UVA protection. The entire list of products by Iredale Mineral Makeup foundation is of high quality and accepted by many people around the world. Some of the most appreciated products in this line include the following;
• CircleDelete – This is a very effective product created to ensure total comfort. It refers to an eye treatment which is also used to conceal dirk circles. The composition consists of minerals, that initiate immediate results, antioxidants and vitamins that provide a therapeutic effect. The ability to conceal imperfections and soothe the skin are its main selling points besides other characteristics such as bacteria and water resistance.
• D2O Heavy Water – This product is based on the softening and moisturizing properties of water. D2O simply refers to deuterium oxide or just heavy water. The compound contains extra hydrogen molecules which makes it approximately 10% heavier than water (H2O). It is this property that allows it to last longer on the skin and provide needed hydration. The product is best if applied as a final part.
• 24 Karat Gold Dust – This is basically a 24 karat food grade gold whose composition is 48%. Unlike other gold based makeup products, this one does not glitter but rather shimmers on the skin. It has several applications including eyes, lips, cheeks and even hair. It also enhances the skin-tone and appearance of other concealed or less exposed body parts.

There are many other products in the line all with various properties aimed at providing ultimate beauty, healthier skin and overall comfort to the users.

Advantages of the makeup
From these characteristics, you can derive several benefits of using the Jane Iredale products. Firstly, there are options for every type of skin. The products are free of oil, chemical additives, talc and alcohol to prevent the varied effects of such elements. These products are used by actresses and performers for their shooting sessions since they result in a fine flawless look. They are also water resistant and do not fade which relieves users off the worry of having to frequently confirm from the mirror. Besides concealing all the dark circles and imperfections, it greatly boosts confidence which corresponds to improved productivity. The products have been keenly researched and do not have any negative effect on the user. They are anti-inflammatory and result in a therapeutic effect. The base composition prevents bacteria action and other activities such as oxidation. Hydration is equally covered which eliminates issues of dry skin. These products are simply healthy and efficient, allowing one to keep calm and powder on without worrying about inflammation or fading.

The Jane Iredale makeup is popular in many countries and their market continues to grow. They are also involved in progressive research in developing new solutions which will have even better results. It is however important to practice all the other safety and hygienic measures such as cleaning the makeup before retiring to bed. It is necessary for the skin to have some time free of any covering to initiate natural revitalization. You should also visit a dermatologist or clinical cosmetic practitioners for the necessary identification of skin

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