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Jane Iredale, creator of Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics is one of those pioneer’s who presented an exclusive skincare mineral make-up line that only looked great, but also provided great skin care benefits. The fact that every skin care product in Jane Iredale make-up line includes premier quality ingredients and quality formulas, these mineral make-up products prove to be so effective that they are highly recommended by plastic surgeons, make-up artists and dermatologist worldwide.

Why are Jane Iredale mineral make-up products unique?

The fact that mineral make-up by Jane Iredale uses only the most pure, finest and highly- sophisticated blend of natural minerals found in the sea and earth, it makes it convenient for anyone to use this up scale make-up product. In addition, the proprietary technology and process that is used to make these mineral make up products causes microscopic flat crystals to overlap each other, thereby creating a filter. This creation not only allows the skin to function and breathe normally, but also protects the skin from air borne pollutants. Thus, wearing Jane Iredale cosmetics is a perfect way of keeping your skin young looking and healthy.

Jane Iredale Make-up Products

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base: Jane Iredale pure pressed mineral base is basically a four in one mineral make-up product that works as a powder, foundation, sunscreen and concealer. Featuring ingredients such as pine bark extract, algae extract, vitamin E, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, this product helps cover your blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, thereby giving your skin a flawless appearance. In addition, its light weight formula feels comfortable on your skin thereby making it convenient for you to wear it all day. What’s more, this mineral make up product is gluten free, cruelty free and free of dyes, parabens and synthetic fragrances. It is dermatologist tested, non- comedogenic, hypoallergenic and contains anti oxidants and pomegranate that helps nourish and protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. This mineral make-up product is available in 24 different shades, thereby making it convenient for each and everyone to find a match that is most compatible to their skin tone.

Jane Iredale Disappear concealer with Green Tea Extracts: Packed with pigments, this camouflage cream hides all the flaws of your skin and practically makes them disappear completely. In addition, the green tea extracts, seaweed extracts and a protein enzyme that includes copper helps decompose free radicals and combat bacteria that cause acne. Available in light, medium, dark, medium light and light dark shades, this concealer can be applied conveniently with or without a brush.

Jane Iredale Face Spritzer Range: The hydration spray range of Jane Iredale includes the Balance Antioxidant Hydration Spray, Pommist hydration Spray and the D20 Hydration spray. The Hydration spray can primarily be used to set minerals and conceal fine lines and pores. On the other hand, while the Pommist spray helps hydrate the skin, the Balance Antioxidant spray which includes green tea extracts can be used to set minerals and proves to be an ideal choice for people with oily skin.

Jane Iredale Magic Mitt Removes make- up with no Cleanser: This magic make-up removes from Jane Ireland helps to remove your make-up completely without using a cleanser. The fact that using this magic mitt make-up remover does not affect that natural acid mantle of the skin, it helps the skin to protect itself from invasive and harmful bacteria, thereby promoting good skin health.

Jane Iredale Keep Calm and Powder On: This Jane Iredale pure pressed base compact features the seal of approval of the skin cancer foundation for its SPF20. Officially rated as a highly water resistant make-up product, this product proves to be a perfect choice for all those looking a good, skin friendly and long lasting mineral make up product.

Benefits of Using Jane Iredale Cosmetics

· Coverage: The micronized mineral in Iredale mineral makeup products are concentrated pigments that help ultimate coverage of skin discolouration.

· Multi -Taskers: The amazing pressed and base powders of Jane Iredale mineral make-up line are basically four in product- concealer, sunscreen, powder and foundation.

· Anti- inflammatory: The fact that Jane Iredale cosmetics are anti- inflammatory, they prove to be highly beneficial in calming and soothing acne or rosacea prone skin.

· Water resistant: These mineral make up products are water resistant, thereby making it easy for the user to wear them for extended periods of time irrespective of sun or rain.

· Non comedogenic and oil free: This feature of Iredale mineral make-up helps you skin function and breathe normally.

· Instant sun protection: Using these make up products helps protect your skin instantly from the damaging rays of the sun.

· Minimizes allergy risk: The fact that cosmetics from Jane Iredale such as eye shadows, bases or blushes includes no chemical dyes, sensitizers like perfumes and preservatives, using them reduces the risk of allergy to a great extent.

· Adheres to Skin: The minerals present in the make-up product essentially hold tightly to the skin and do not tend to run, crease or smear. The make-up can only be removed using a Magic mitt or cleanser.

· Bacteria Resistant: The fact that Iredale skin make up line is bacteria resistant, using these products helps keep your skin healthy and radiant.

· Anti – Irritant: Jane Iredale mineral make-up products include anti – irritant ingredients that proves to be highly beneficial in keeping your skin healthy and feeling comfortable.

· Provides a range of Finishes: Jane Iredale skin care products contain high quality minerals that interact with light and provide a soft- focus effect. The fact that Jane Iredale products include a vast variety of foundations, using them provides a different range of finishes ranging from luminescent to velvety or from sheer to full.

Jane Iredale mineral make-up is essentially not just a refinement of conventional make-up, but a new technology in itself. Jane Iredale cosmetics have the ability to change your life. The fact that these skin care products are easy to apply and can help you look and feel good, using these cosmetics is perhaps one of the best ways of keeping your skin healthy and also look young, beautiful and gorgeous.

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