Organic Kuk hand made Chocominty Caramel Lip Smoothie


Organic Kuk handmade Chocominty Caramel Lip Smoothie the best lip balm or lip base that you will ever use.  Your lips will never have been so beautiful after you use this.

Do you wonder why you have to keep on applying lip balm over and over again and the more you apply the dryer your lips become?

Look at the ingredients and you will probably find petrolatum.  Petrolatum is not used in expensive lotions, because it is not absorbed into the skin, resulting in a greasy feel and hence the dry feeling.

Kuk Lip Smoothie is fully organic.  It is versatile can be used as a lip balm or lip gloss keeping your lips nourished and moisturised.

Follow these steps to make your lips smooth, delectable and enticing.

Step 1 Exfoliate

The nicest lips have dead skin occasionally.  To remove this apply a thin layer of the Lip Smoothie and using an old tooth brush (must be old) with old soft bristles gently exfoliate your lips with slow circular movements for a minute.  This process can be done once or twice a week.  You will do this less as the condition of your lips improve you will have to do this a lot less.

Step 2 Moisturise

Once you have exfoliated your lips, rinse them with warm water to wash away the dead skin and pat them dry. Apply some lip smoothie.  The natural ingredients will penetrate your lips moisturising them from deep within.  You will feel a huge difference with your lips.  You can now apply your favourite lip stick or leave your lips as they are.

Step 3 Kissable lips

Say hello to the world with very kissable lips.

 KUK Lip Smoothie


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