Ten tips to look ten years younger, without surgery or injections


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Don’t rely on concealer and foundation

How to look younger isn’t all about concealing, concealer or foundation are important weapons in your anti-ageing armoury but so are blushers, eye shadow, mascara and lip sticks, plumper’s and crayons, which draw focus to your best features.


When summer comes let your skin breathe

Don’t cover your skin in makeup on sunny days, the sun not only can give you a healthy tan, see below regarding sun tan lotion, it can also help to clean out your pores and improve circulation to your skin: meaning it gets more of the nutrients it needs and platelets it needs to repair itself, therefore helping you look years younger.


In winter try a sauna

Not everyone likes saunas but they are good for you and especially your skin; saunas have the same effect that warm weather can have, without the risk of sun burn, and the high temperatures means that you need only five or ten minutes in the sauna. You should find your circulation improves and your skin has a much more even tone following a sauna; redness or blotchiness especially can often be improved my using a sauna regularly.


Dealing with dark circles,

Dark circles are a big clue to your age though some people suffer from them from a relatively young age meaning they look older than they really are. While wrinkles may not be obvious from a distance dark circles can be seen some way off. Don’t simply cover dark circles though, use a sheer brightening concealer to highlight your eyes and leave them looking fresh and bright. Eyeliner or dark eye shadow can also be used making dark circles look lighter in contrast.


Get a palette of foundation or concealer

You may think you know your colour and you probably have your favourite brand of foundation or concealer but this may not be sufficient. For a start your colour won’t always be the same, as the weather changes, if you are a little under the weather you will need to change colours. Your clothes and what lighting you will be under also affect what is the best colour for you; a concealer palette will allow you to choose the best colours and blend them as necessary. You may find that you want to use one colour as a base but then to highlight elements too with subtlety different shades.


Less is more

Not happy with your look? Get out the makeup wipes and start again, don’t simply keep adding more makeup until your skin doesn’t show through at all. You are changing the way your skin appears with makeup, subtlety blending it in while keeping your natural skin-tone: the aim isn’t to hide your skin away entirely and it doesn’t need to be.


Make sure you are using the right method to apply makeup and the right applicator

One of the main reasons that women can’t get the results they want when using makeup to try and look younger is that they don’t use the right techniques to apply makeup. Put on a small amount at once: try using a non- latex sponge to spread makeup evenly and put a small amount on to the sponge first and rub it on; don’t put makeup directly on to your face.


Use sun creams that let you tan without aging you

Whenever you are in the sun use sun cream; did you know that though it is the UVA rays that burn you and cause most long term damage to your skin it is UVB rays that give you a tan. Even if you don’t usually burn and have a natural tan use suncream with a high UVA protection and go down to a 1 or 2 factor for UVB protection if this is right for you. UVA protection is normally shown as stars or dots, up to a maximum of five, on the back of sun tan lotion bottles. If you use makeup with an spf rating remember this may only protect against UVB and not UVA. Remembering to use sun tan lotion with high UVA protection can drastically slow down aging, though UVB rays have some affect as well and can still burn.


Don’t go too young

For most people trying to look ten years younger is about right and should be possible without too much trouble, go much beyond this and your efforts will become increasingly obvious and seemingly desperate.


Be prepared to change your make-up,

One last pointer on how to look younger is that as you age and your skin changes you may want to try different makeups to see which work best for you; just because something used to be best for you, maybe when your skin was flawless, doesn’t mean it will still be now.

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