Dream Weave Lash Extension Magnetic Mascara


Dream Weave Lash Extension Magnetic Mascara Eyelash extensions have become a phenominal market as more and more women turn to enhancing their natural eyelashes.  We have seen some of the huge beauty product companies launch and sell huge stocks.

EYELASH EXTENSIONS IN A TUBE!  It really works and women are turning to it because it is natural, it does not pull there own lashes out on removal, there is no glue involved they can make there eyelashes longer looking but natural.

Longer eyelashes in just five minutes, you just apply as if your using mascara and like a miracle they start to extend in front of your eyes.

If you have short eyelashes, thin eyelashes or just want longer eyelashes without using any glues, eyelash extensions or spend over £50 on getting individual eyelash extensions then this is a product for your handbag.

For a very natural look, no one would ever know.

Fibrelash Magnet Mascara.

See dramatic results in one stroke.

No need for false lashes or curling irons.

No need for glues

No need for layers of black eyeliner to disguise eyelash extensions

No need to complicated eyelash mascara with two different applications

Lasts until you want it to and easily removed.

  • For both men and women     
  • Strengthens and conditions lashes   
  • Fuller, darker, and healthier eyelashes 
  • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
  • Curls without an iron
  • Smudge proof and easily removable


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