Here’s a really simple step to help reduce Headaches & Tension

byGeorge Wallace

Back Anatomy
A huge number of people suffer from headaches and neck tension. Are you one of them? Surprisingly, all that is required are simple changes in your daily routine to eliminate pain, stress… the below step will help start you off on the right path.

Mid-Back Strengthener: Soft “V” Pull Down
Muscles Activated: Sternocleidomastoid, Deltoids, Trapezious, Infraspinatus, Teres major & minor.

Equipment Needed: Strap or Resistance Band, Chair or Fit Ball

Purpose: To activate the middle and lower Trapezious muscles, as they are the muscles responsible for head and neck support. Once these key muscles are strong enough to support the head and neck, the upper Trapezious will no longer need to tighten to do the work. This release of tension will help to reduce headaches.

1. Sit on a chair or Fit Ball, making sure shoulders are relaxed and down.

2. Find Neutral Spine, activate the Pee Muscle and breathe thoracically.

3. Hold the band or strap with both hands out in front of your head, shoulder width apart and inhale to prepare.

4. Exhale, simultaneously pulling your arms down slowly, while maintaining tension in the strap. Palms should be facing outward and arms should come down as if they are sliding down a wall. (focus on your middle and lower Trapezious muscles – imagine a soft “V” shape forming in the lower region of the thoracic spine).

5. Repeat 10 times.

(April Chandler author & legend)


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