Applying Eyeliner

Applying Eyeliner

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Without much effort, you can have a very good and dramatic look simply by using the right eye liner. Just a few minutes with an eye liner can give you a whole new look. Whether you want a thin simple line for a natural look or a smoky eye for a more adventurous look, the secret to eye make-up is applying the right eye liner. There are different types of eye liners and they all represent different looks and results. The following eye liner tips will help you get the right look.

Choose the right eye liner

Eye liners come in three major forms, the pencil, cream, and liquid eye liner. You need to understand what look you want to achieve before you pick one. If you want a simple and fine line, you should probably go for the cream or liquid eye liner. If you want a blurred or smudgy look like the smoky eye, then go for the eye pencil. You can then choose any color you want. However for a simple look ensure you go with a natural color. For instance for lighter complexions, use brown instead of black. For darker complexions you should use black as it is more conspicuous.

Put on your make-up

Eye liner is applied over the entire make-up but only before the mascara. Ensure that you have finalized applying everything including eye shadow and excluding mascara. Eye liner application is the epitome of your make-up and should come in the final steps of make-up application.

Applying the eye liner for a basic natural look

For good application, you need to pose a little bit. Tilt your head slightly to the back but ensure you can still see your face in the mirror. Now take the non-drawing hand (for left handed people it is the right hand and for the right handed people it is the left hand) and stretch the skin of your outer eye a bit. This is meant to make the skin firmer and to make the area to be applied on more visible. Ensure that your eye brows are raised so that your lid does not interfere with the application. If your hands are not very steady, you can rest your arm on a table top for stability.

Create a dotted line

You then get your best eye pencil or eye liner and gently create a dotted line on your eye lid just above your lashes. The dots should not be too separated and they should be just above the lashes. You want your lashes to look full but not fake.

Join the dots

If the dots are clear and in a good line, you can now join them to create a full line. Do not make a single long stroke as you might make a mistake. Join the dots in short strokes from one dot to another. Start form the inner corner as you progress slowly to the outer one. Ensure you have connected all of them at the end, lighten the line a bit. Ensure your line does not end bluntly.

Line your lower lashes

The line on your lower lashes should be a little fainter than the one on the upper lashes. After that, connect the lines at the corners of the eyes to create a uniform look.

Creating the smoky eye

For a more dramatic look, you should now make the smoky eye. This is a very good look that brings all the attention to your eyes. After you have put on light make –up (heavy make-up will interfere with the eye make-up), take your ultra-smooth kohl and ensure it has been sharpened well. For the best kohl, it is advised you go for the MaxFactor. You can get it from Rejuvenated Cosmetics easily.

Apply it gently on your top eye lashes and make it a little thicker than usual. Use cotton swaps to smear the line a little bit. You can eve use a brush if you have one but make sure it is thin to avid smudging eye liner all over. After that, take a little dark eye shadow and trace a line on top of the eye liner. Blend them well and you will have the perfect smoky eye. Smoky eyes are great for night events and they not only show your beautiful eyes but your entire face.

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