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Do you suffer from oily skin? Or does make-up wear-off from your skin within a short time? Or are you yet to find a foundation that hides the skin imperfections? Well, you are not alone. As a matter of fact, you are among many people who have to endure a not-so appealing skin texture and appearance. Quite a number of individuals suffer from oily skin. Despite thoroughly washing their face, oil from the skin will soon start oozing out in no time. This will make their skin appear shiny, a look that many people try to avoid. Fortunately, you can count on Maybelline dream matte powder. This skin product offers you the following benefits:


One of the biggest concerns people suffering from oily skin have is the foundation lasting only for a short period of time. They will complain of having to retouch the face after a few hours. This not only brings inconveniences, but is also costs more in the long run. The situation is further worsened during those hot and sunny days. Well, with this skin product from Maybelline, you can say goodbye to frequent checks or touch-up. One application of the skin foundation will take you through the whole day. Not only will you feel confident and self-assured throughout the day but will pay more attention to the activities at hand.

Hides Flaws

If you suffer from skin flaws, then you will find the Matte Powder quite effective. The finely pressed skin powder is designed to hide even the tiniest of skin imperfections. For example, it is well suited for uneven skin tones, rough texture, skin bumps, scarring caused by ailments such as acne and much more. In addition, besides hiding the skin flaws or imperfection, the product will remain in place all day long hence giving you the much desired matte look. Therefore, if you’ve been searching for product that not only absorbs the excess oil but also disguises the flaws on the skin, you may as well say that your search has come to an end.


Maybelline dream matte powder is designed for a wide range of skin types. It will cater for very light, light, medium, dark, tan or any other skin complexion. Having a single product that addresses different skin types not only reduces the need to buy several products but also brings down the cost. In line to offering the consumer a broad choice, the no glow matte powder comes in a wide range to suit varied customer tastes and preferences. A customer only needs to look through the different colours and shades to find the most suitable product.


Probably you are among the consumers who have to bear with a weighty foundation on their faces. In fact, many people have gotten so used to the weight that they think it is their by design. Well, this isn’t the case. Our skin product is regarded as being one of the lightest products in the market. This is achieved by using top quality ingredients as well as top notch manufacturing processes. As a user you will even forget that you have applied the foundation on your face. Therefore, you will carry on with your duties in a more relaxed manner. Simply put, the days of weighty and “cakey” or mud-like stuff on your face are just but a distant memory when using dream matte powder from Maybelline.

Compatible with Make-up

If you constantly worry about skin foundation messing with other make-up or reducing the effect, then this is the right product for you. It is compatible with other products such as blush, glitter, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow and many others. Besides, considering it will remain intact throughout the day, it will also help the other beauty products stick. Usually, excess oil and sweat are the reasons that lead to other skin products running or being washed away. Fortunately, since the product minimises the skin oil and sweat, you are also assured of other related products remaining in place consequently giving you an elegant appearance with no glow.

Competitively Priced

If you are looking for a skin foundation that offers a matte appearance with no glow and doesn’t force you to “break the bank” then you should think of Maybelline dream matte powder. Apart from being among the best products in the market it also comes with a very pocket-friendly price. This will suit any person even those with limited financial resources. It can be shipped to a customer in any part of the world. All you need to do is simply make your order and the product will arrive at your door step in the shortest time possible.

Positive Reviews

If you have reason to doubt the effectiveness of the matte powder, then you only need to go through the countless reviews done on the product. Customers from all walks of life have been expressing their satisfaction after using the product. Some have given a “thumb-up” for being effective and staying on the face for many hours without being washed away. Others are simply delighted that it only takes a simple application to hide the skin flaws, while some simply love the easy application process and pocket-friendly price. Positive feedback has also been relayed in regard to impressive oil control, good matte look as well as working on a variety of skin types and complexions.

Whether you have suffered from oily skin for many years or you’ve just started experiencing it, dream matte powder from Maybelline will certainly come handy. This one-of-its-kind product is not only easy to apply but also guarantees you impressive results. You will thus feel fresh all day. Forget about having to carry lots of facial tissues in your handbag, or constantly rushing into the washroom just to contain the oily and shiny situation. Simply think of getting Maybelline dream matte powder. Good skin appearance has never been this easy. What are you waiting for, contact us via our website or call us now. We will be more than glad to send you a pack to whichever region you may be located in the world.

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