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The brush is made from Talkon is the common name for synthetic fibre used in Make Up brushes, devoid of any proteincomponent or allergen elements which makes it green, vegan and allergy free.

Taklon brushes are more hygienic than real hair brushes.  Natural hair has an irregular surface which traps powders, dead skin cells, bacteria and chemicals.  Taklon lacks any surface irregularities making it easier to clean properly.  This decreases irritation.  Since Taklon is synthetic animal cruelty is not an issue.

Here is the feed back on the brush

I really liked it! I have another foundation brush I use so I compared the two. Your’s held just the right amount of foundation to spread evenly over my face. I didn’t have to keep brushing in order to blend it in, a few strokes and it was perfect! The bristles are just the right amount of firmness for this to be achieved and felt wonderful on my face!

First of all let me thank you immensely for selecting me as one of the people to test out your new range of brushes.

Everyday user

The brush I received was the foundation brush and I must say I was impressed with the subtleties of the brush. The feeling of the hair on the brush against my skin was amazing. The brush is compact enough to go in my everyday make up bag as well as my working make up bag.

Easy to handle and very ergonomical.

I love how it helps foundation to glide on for an easy application. And also it was easy to clean. It didn’t feel like I was using a brush to apply my foundation, if felt so smooth and nice. I would def purchase your product if they all feel the same as the foundation brush 1B07.

Make Up Artist

I have used the make up brush and these are my comments:

The bristles are soft and gentle on the eyelids. The brush is effective for professional use since it spreads the eye shadow evenly. The brush can be used to blend eye shadow with good results. I am very impressed and would recommend your makeup brush for professional use to makeup artists and also to the general public.

Registered UK Beauty Therapy Tutor

The brush is beautifully soft to the skin.  Clearly a quality product.

Everyday user

 Rejuvenated Cosmetics.

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