Rejuvenated Cosmetics

Rejuvenated Cosmetics

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Rejuvenated Cosmetics is an online cosmetics company that offers a range of high quality organic products in cosmetics. We aim to produce the best cosmetics products in a wide range of categories. We are not only reputable for the remarkable high quality organic products and cosmetics brands we produce, but also for the competitive prices at which we offer them.

Our passion for quality guides us in the quest of the best cosmetic products available in the market. We are committed in providing high quality authentic products and for this, we source with leading brands and top companies in the cosmetics industry to find the best cosmetics available for our customers. We ascertain that our suppliers are certified and provide 100% authentic products.

Customer Service

We are committed to our course that is why we strive to provide an excellent customer service. We appreciate the importance and value of our clients. Even as we produce authentic high quality products, we recognise the place of customer contribution in the establishment of a successful brand – especially in such an industry as the cosmetics industry. This is why we value your feedback are open to inquiries, complaints and commendations.

Our website is user friendly and its outlook and layout allows for ease of navigation through products and from page to page. It is not only easy to navigate but also rich in information and resources. It is this kind of informative and resourcefulness that makes us a reputable online cosmetics company. Everything you want can be found from our website and whenever you are stuck, you can ask for assistance which will be provided promptly.

Cosmetics Categories

We are committed to providing high quality cosmetics products for in a wide range of categories. We aim to be the leading cosmetics company offering a wide range of cosmetics products for our customer. We pride ourselves in top cosmetics brands in these categories.

. Bronzing

. Camouflage Cream

. Concealer

. Eye Shadow

. Foundation

. Hand Cream & Balms

. Lip Gloss

. Make Up Remover

. Mascara

. Moisturisers

. Nail Polish Remover

. Nail Treatment

. Nail Varnish

. Skincare

Rejuvenated Cosmetics Brands

We pride ourselves in a range of high quality authentic cosmetics brands. Our brands are certified to be the best cosmetics products available. Our main brands includes Balm Balm, Jane Iredale, Brown Earth and more others.

Here is a list of some of our main brands with an overview of some of the brands.

Argon Oil

A true super food’ for the skin. Argon oil is obtained from the Argon tree native in Morocco and is sustainably reaped to preserve it. Argon oil is rich in vitamin E, proteins, essential fatty acids and argon oil that are important ingredients for skin care products. It helps remove blemishes like likes, scars and stretch marks and repair imperfections such as in texture and tone. Due to its lightweight and easy to absorb nature, it works quickly to effectively restore your skins tone and smoothness.

Brown Earth

Brown Earth is yet another brand that features great skincare products. Made from natural ingredients that have been proven to contain active ingredients that effectively help in skin development, they are good facial treatment and skin toning, scrubbing and anti-aging treatment. The Brown Earth Organic Mango, Shea & Sugar Exfoliating Scrub and the Organic Anti-Ageing Mango Butter with Shea & Cocoa Butter are good examples of Brown Earth products that are good on your skin and light on your pocket.


This brand offers incredible nail care products for manicures and nail polish. They nail polishes come in a range of colours and scents meant to be worn in different styles and for different occasions. Other products include nail separators and polish removers.

Jane Iredale

Here, we have a number of foundations and sprays. They come in a number of sweet elegant scents that last longer than ordinary perfumes. Balance Antioxidant Hydration Spray Jane Iredale and Jane Iredale D2O Hydration Spray are among many products that feature in this brand category.


This brand features some great skincare products, which ingeniously combines skincare ingredients native to West Africa and natural ingredients from around the world to come up with amazing skincare products that are good for teenagers, men and women alike. They are perfect for all types of skins and work effectively to make the skin soft, smooth and healthy.

Other brands are

. Keromask

. L’oreal

. Maybelline

. Max Factor

. Naturally Better

. Skin Belief

Orders & Delivery

We take pride in the kind of excellent customer service we offer. We put the customers interests ahead of all else. Our service delivery is timely and our response to feedback, orders and requests is prompt.

Orders are made by simply adding an item to the cart and making an order for the product. We will respond to any order immediately and processing will begin as soon as the order is made.

The order will be processed on the day it was placed and posted the following working day. After purchasing a product, it will be posted directly to your delivery address. The product should be able to reach you in good condition and in time.

We mind our image and value how the customer perceives our brands. This is why we use high quality packaging material for every delivery. The delivery will be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a bubble wrap envelope.

All packages are sent on the same business day of receiving the order. They are sent by first class post.

You will not be charged for postage, all you will have to pay for is the product you purchase. Postage for any delivery of product purchased is free of charge. This does not mean that orders of small products are to be discouraged. In fact, the opposite is true. With us, no order is too small and what applies for seemingly big orders in terms of no fee for postage applies to seemingly small orders.

The bottom line is that Rejuvenated Cosmetics is a top online cosmetics that sells authentic products and reputable brand with a high ranking in customer service and top rated for quality products and unmatched in their delivery system.

 Rejuvenated Cosmetics

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