Mineral Cosmetics


We are always being told that we require more minerals.  The human body requires in the region of 70 minerals to function efficiently.  There are two types of minerals not very many people realise this.  One does the body a lot of good and the other most people have never heard of.

One is organic the one every one has heard of. The other is inorganic.

Organic Minerals – these are once living, or are living and brings life to cells,  they contain carbon.  The electrons spin clockwise just like those of the human body.  These minerals help the body function and carry repairs such as tissue repair.

Inorganic Minerals – they were never living they do not contain carbon.  The body treats these inorganic minerals like toxins.  They cannot be broken down easily.  The electrons spin anticlockwise out of sync with the rest of the body.

Some pure mineral cosmetics contain Inorganic Minerals and are made without talc, chemicals dyes or synthetic preservatives such as parabens and formaldehyde.



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